Tonight's 'Ghost Nation' Finale Will Reveal Some of the Best Evidence Ever Captured by the Team

Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango talk all about season one ahead of tonight's electric finale.

December 13, 2019
Paranormal investigators Steve, Jason and Dave of UPRO stand in front of the Brooktondale, NY house investigated on Ghost Nation.

Paranormal investigators Steve, Jason and Dave of UPRO stand in front of the Brooktondale, NY house investigated on Ghost Nation.

ICYMI: Ghost Nation is coming back for a second season! And if tonight’s explosive finale is any indication, our team is just getting started.

Paranormal pioneers Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango have spent the past season traveling across the country, working with families plagued by intense, terrifying activity. After 10 electrifying episodes, the guys are finally ready to wrap season one with a bang.

We caught up with the Ghost Nation crew ahead of the finale to get the details on the intense investigation that featured evidence unlike anything you’ve seen before — an actual manifestation captured on camera.

QUESTION: Without giving too much away, what about this investigation stands out to you from the rest of the cases this season?

JASON: “This was a case we thought we would be able to come in and debunk claims, etc. It turned out to be one of the best cases ‘evidence-wise’ that we have ever done.”

STEVE: “The evidence we caught really could be the first time an actual manifestation has ever been caught on film. It’s quite important to this field. To put it in perspective, just about everything weather experts know about tornados wasn't discovered until they finally caught one forming on film and they could study it. We have caught the manifestation of something anomalous and it’s quite special.”

DAVE: “We have gotten some amazing evidence this season, but this evidence was very unique! We recorded something happening in the footage that I don't believe anyone has ever caught before.”

Night falls on the Brooktondale, NY house investigated by UPRO on Ghost Nation.

Night falls on the Brooktondale, NY house investigated by UPRO on Ghost Nation.

Q: The footage of the manifestation was incredible. What was your reaction when you first saw it?

STEVE: “Jason showed me the footage literally seconds after it happened, so my first reaction was to run inside. Every door was locked except for our one way in next to our command center. It was just me, Jason and a camera operator. I knew we had the footage, so to further solidify the evidence, I needed to clear every room of any possible contamination.”

Q: The mystery that unfoldeded in that house goes so much deeper than the paranormal. How do you even begin to investigate a location with so many layers? (This also goes for several other locations this season, including the Weems Plantation.)

JASON: “You really need to focus on one layer at a time and see where each leads you. Every case is so different. You’re putting together a puzzle one step at a time.”

STEVE: Personally, I try to use a triage system similar to when I was an EMT, but rather looking at the different stories or claims and their probabilities instead of patients and wounds. I think the whole team sort of utilizes this system internally without even realizing its a triage technique.”

Jason, Steve, and Dave are in Locust Grove, GA as local paranormal investigator Judy Kemme leads them to the Barron House as seen on Ghost Nation.

Jason, Steve, and Dave are in Locust Grove, GA as local paranormal investigator Judy Kemme leads them to the Barron House as seen on Ghost Nation.

Q: You’ve talked about how cases that involve children move up the priority list. What makes those cases more pressing?

JASON: “I am a father so children are my priority. I could not imagine allowing a child to be fearful in their home. That is where they should feel the most safe.”

Q: Is there anything that happened this season that we didn’t get to see?

STEVE: “The episode where Tango and I encountered a cold spot [in the Halifax, Virginia case]. Tango had never had that experience before so it was first for him and it was the first time in 15 years for me. It was a special moment for both of us. We literally both started crying. I’ve never seen Tango cry and he has been my best friend since I met him. Here are two paranormal investigators that are known to not have many experiences yet we have one that moved us to tears. It was quite special. I really wish the audience could have gone on that emotional ride with us. It’s tough when you are trying to boil a week down to 43 minutes, and sometimes things don’t make the cut.”

WS - Cast Members, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango at Jones House.

WS - Cast Members, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango at Jones House.

Q: What piece of evidence is the most significant to you from this season? Which investigation from this season has stuck with you the most?

DAVE: “The case that still stands out to me the most was the case in Halifax, Virginia. Steve and I heard a voice after systemically calling out names we researched from the property. The fact that the voice was coupled with a legitimate cold spot was undeniable proof that something or someone (most likely Emma) was trying to communicate with us. A cold spot isn't just cold, you can feel its physical properties, which are very hard to explain. My body didn't know how to react to something unnatural like this, so it got emotional, which further proves the experience.”

JASON: “[The finale] Brooktondale, New York is the most incredible piece of evidence I believe we have caught. Other than that, I think helping the Cerrito family in New Jersey and finding out they have a major health concern for them and their children due to high EMFs.”

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with each investigation? What do you want the families you help to get out of it?

DAVE: “Most families are afraid of what they don't understand. We do our best to explain the situation and educate them. Once they better understand what is actually happening, they soon realize there's nothing to fear.”

Don’t miss the incredible ending to season one of Ghost Nation on Friday, Dec. 13 at 10|9c. Keep up-to-date with all things Ghost Nation by following Travel Channel on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook along with the hashtag #GhostNation.

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