'Ghost Nation' Investigates Haunted Homes Across America

Paranormal pioneers Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango reunite for an all-new series on Travel Channel, Ghost Nation. Get a sneak peek at five investigations from the upcoming season. Don’t miss a moment with new episodes airing every Friday at 10|9c.

Show: Ghost Nation
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Ghost Nation

The boys are back! Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango join forces with local paranormal investigators on cases around the country in their all-new series, Ghost Nation. From a colonial home in Virginia with a terrifying haunting to a farmhouse in Tennessee experiencing disturbing activity, the guys attempt to get to the bottom of the chaos and bring peace to the homeowners.

The Mangiante Family

Jason’s daughter, Satori, calls the team in on a perplexing case out of Franklin, Massachusetts.

Dream to Nightmare

This is the Mangiante family’s “dream home” but it’s quickly become a nightmare. The activity in the home has turned physical with the couple’s young daughter, Lily, as the main target.

Santeria Connection

The family believes their grandmother, who practiced Santeria, could’ve brought something dark into the home.

Darkness Looming

Can anything be done to protect this family against whatever has invaded their home?

The Higgins Family

Paranormal investigator Mike Priest asks the guys for help on a case in Michigan with evidence you might have seen before.

Captured on Nanny Cam

Footage from the Higgins family’s nanny cam went viral, racking up millions of views on the internet. The chilling video shows a figure move across the room as the young child in the crib seems to react to the mysterious entity.

Unexplained Activity

The family has been experiencing activity for years; heavy footsteps, unexplained voices — even physical interactions — have plagued the Higgins who are now hoping the Ghost Nation team can give them some answers.

History of the Property

According to the family, two people have died on the property which might be connected to the mounting activity. But how much of the house history is true? We’re about to find out.

The Cerrito Family

Anytime a case involves children, it moves to the top of the pile.

The Target

Within a few weeks of moving in, the Cerrito family of Mantua, New Jersey, began experiencing paranormal events. The main target of the activity: the 10-year-old daughter, Summer.

Possible Poltergeist

The guys believe it’s possible Summer could be manifesting the activity, suggesting it could be the work of a poltergeist.

Strange Experiences

The strange happenings seem to be intensifying in the Cerrito house. Can the guys figure out the source?

The Jones Family

Chris Balassone, a self-described “paranormal paramedic,” has been using his unconventional paranormal investigative methods to investigate the Jones family home in Halifax, Virginia, but the activity is more than he’s ever experienced.

Legendary Ancestor

The Jones family home, built in 1929, was once owned by a descendant of the legendary Pocahontas.

Eerie Feeling

The family says there’s an “eerie feeling” in the home they can’t explain.

Sinister Spirits?

Is the former owner responsible for the activity? Or is it something far more sinister?

The Totherow Family

The Totherow’s quaint farmhouse in White Pine, Tennessee, seemed like the perfect place for them to settle — until the paranormal activity began.

Full-Bodied Apparitions

The Totherows have witnessed four full-bodied apparitions, including one of a young child. During the last paranormal investigation, local investigators captured a toy moving on its own.


Corey Totherow, a veteran diagnosed with PTSD, says he can’t handle the intense activity in the home. “Dealing with unexpected is one of my triggers,” he says. The entire family has been living in an RV on the property, unable to spend the night inside the home.

Validate Claims

Will Jason, Steve and Dave be able to get the family back in the house? Can they validate the evidence captured by the previous investigators?

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