Ghost Nation Is Back: Go Behind the Scenes of the New Season

Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango are officially back with an all-new season of their freshman hit, Ghost Nation. They’re taking on some of their most extreme cases yet, but this time, they’ll have help: Paranormal investigator Shari DeBenedetti joins the team to make sure no evidence is left behind. If you thought last season was intense — just wait.

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Biglerville, Pennsylvania

Biglerville, Pennsylvania, is a borough just seven miles north of Gettysburg. The area is home to the Farquhar-Banasick family, who are struggling with disturbing, paranormal activity in their 19th-century farmhouse.

The Farquhar-Banasick Family

The home started out as Glenda Farquhar’s dream home, but it soon turned into a nightmare. Glenda began to experience bizarre activity the day she moved into the house. She kept the activity to herself until her partner, Steve Banasick, moved in. He confessed to seeing a ghostly figure on the property: "I was plowing in the driveway. And I just happened to look back at the front of the house, and I saw an elderly lady on the front porch. A bluish-gray dress, white apron, holding a basket."

Feeling Unsafe

The pair have seen multiple apparitions on the grounds, and Glenda feels deeply unsafe in her home. "I do believe that it affects the aura of my house. I'm scared for our family," she says.

The Witching Tree

Glenda and Steve believe the activity is caused by the "witching tree" on their property. Amish lore has it if you were accused of being a witch, you would be buried and a tree would be planted on top of your gravesite. The tree sure looks secluded in the middle of the field … but is there truth to this legend?

Cadaver Dogs

This investigation definitely takes a serious turn: The guys call in cadaver dogs to assist with their case. They could be walking on an active crime scene.

Digging for Evidence

Jason, Steve and Dave got more than they bargained for with this case. What — if anything — will they dig up?

Waynesville, Ohio

Adam and Jona Powell purchased this former Catholic church in Waynesville, Ohio, with the hope of converting it into a home and a store. But renovations stirred unexpected — and unexplained — activity, forcing the couple to call on local paranormal investigators for help.

Unsettling Activity

The activity started with footsteps, whispers and mysterious shadows; now, its grown so terrifying the family’s 18-year-old daughter won’t stay on the property.

The Powell Family

Based on prior investigations, the clients believe the events are being caused by the spirit of a former priest named Jim and his young son, Thomas. Are these two the real culprits behind the strange happenings or is it something else entirely?

Class is in Session

Each week, local investigator Lee Allen hosts a class on the paranormal; for this session, he has three very special guests (you guessed it — our guys!). Dave Tango’s advice to the group: "Don’t think everything is a ghost."

Warwick, New York

The team heads to Warwick, New York, to investigate Mid-Orange Correctional Facility, but they’re not alone…

Family Affair

Four new members joined up with team Ghost Nation: Dustin Pari, Haily Hawes, Satori Hawes and Cody DesBiens. Haily and Satori are Jason’s daughters, which makes this investigation a family affair.

Game Time

Before the investigation starts though, the group decides to blow off a little steam with a game of soccer. Who’s the best kicker? Time will tell.

Dream Team

The paranormal superteam faces a mysterious force, which is holding the property, and its new owners, hostage.

New Investigations

Join the Ghost Nation team every Wednesday at 9|8c for an all-new investigation, and use the hashtag #GhostNation to keep up with the latest news.

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