Greatest Mysteries: Sturgis Pictures

Host Don Wildman visits the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum in South Dakota, then heads to the frontier town of Deadwood, SD, to uncover one of the most perplexing crimes in the history of the Black Hills.
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"Not actually as dead as it looks here in downtown Deadwood, SD. This place is super lively, especially when the rally is in nearby Sturgis." - Don Wildman

"We shot a few of my pieces here at Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood, SD. The assumed location of Wild Bill Hickok's demise in 1876 where he took a bullet in a card game. Classic." - Don Wildman

"Deadwood, SD, where western legends were born indeed. This was one wild place in the mid-1800s. Gold has a way of making men crazy. Now, it's gambling and motorcycles -- with much more respectable behavior." - Don Wildman

"It would seem highly unlikely that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally would ever develop so far from more highly populated areas. But then again, the motorcycle has always carried non-conformists and rebel-rousers. They still do … but mainly for the fun, the music and the test drives." - Don Wildman

"If you love a museum and have any affection for the motorcycle, you would be over the moon with the collection at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame. It’s really cool that right outside the museum, is the biggest motorcycle rally in the country. Well, for one week a year." - Don Wildman

"The Sturgis Rally was started by the Jack Pine Gypsies Motorcycle Club in 1938. They're still here, riding among the pines -- and still sponsoring races and such." - Don Wildman

"Empty now, these are streets full of cycles come August. But we scared up a few enthusiasts for an early-morning roar-by. Watch it at the beginning of the show … and thanks to those riders for helping us out." - Don Wildman

"Another day, another saloon. Me, shooting a piece about Wild Bill Hickok, just a few feet from where he took his bullet. And another few feet from the slot machine that tragically took $100 from me." - Don Wildman

"Downtown, clear of cycles, making ready." - Don Wildman

"All my life I've wanted a close encounter with Devil’s Tower -- the first national monument. Check." - Don Wildman

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