Are You a Psychopath?

Take our quiz to see if you would be considered a psychopath by forensic psychology standards.
Marcus Sakey and forensic psychologiest Dr. David Bernstein

Marcus Sakey and forensic psychologiest Dr. David Bernstein

Marcus talks with forensic psychologist Dr. David Bernstein to try to get inside the head of the Boston Strangler.

In the Boston episode of Hidden City, Marcus meets with Dr. David Bernstein to learn more about the Boston Strangler case and the field of forensic psychology. Dr. Bernstein turns the tables on Marcus and interviews him using questions from the tool that helps to determine whether someone could be classified as a psychopath.

While we can't share the questionnaire used, Dr. Bernstein did provide us with a sample of similar questions. Take the quiz and see where you fall on the psychopath scale. (Note: This quiz is only for fun and is not intended to be a professional evaluation.)

Are You a Psychopath?
Please answer the following questions as either "Agree" or "Disagree." (If you're stuck on a question think of it as you “mostly agree” or “mostly disagree”)

1. I don't see anything wrong with using sports enhancing drugs or insider information to get a little edge over the competition.

2. I have absolutely no problem speeding with my young children in the car.

3. The truth is that most people who are victims let themselves become victims, and are just as much to blame when they get ripped off.

4. When I know no one is looking I never give a tip, or never give more than 5% for a tip.

5. Success by any means necessary is still success.

6. I take a great deal of pride in being a very convincing liar.

7. People who know me might say that most of my sexual relationships have been shallow and superficial.

8. I have cheated on a test at least once or twice.

9. When I see people cry at a sad movie or over the death of a loved one I really don't get it.

10. I can honestly say that I have never been in a relationship that broke up and any of it was my fault.

SCORING: 1 Point For Each Question Answered With "AGREE."

Fortunately this is where most people will fall while taking this test. A score of 0 to 2 is consistent with people who are generally empathic and considerate of others most of the time.

People with a score of 3 or 4 are generally more risk takers, but not outright lawbreakers. These individuals might speed but generally only do so when you truly running late, as opposed to habitual rule Breakers.

Individuals in this range can be aggressive and display a higher level of risk-taking, but probably also have the ability to turn it off when necessary, like a police officer with a beat in a tough neighborhood. They have to have enough Street Smarts to keep up with criminals, but be able to be a loving father, husband, or wife when they go home.

Scores in this range suggests the individual might have a difficult time turning it off and it's likely that they have trouble maintaining interpersonal relationships that require mutual trust, empathy, and compromise.

Those who attain a true score of 9 to 10 (not just goofing around) are likely void of empathy and see others as steppingstones to further their own personal needs and agendas. These individuals likely have little compassion for the plights of others, and when they do show concern it's likely feigned to get others to let their guard down.

Got questions about the quiz or forensic psychology for Dr. Bernstein? Send them to or post them on our Facebook page. We'll pick 10-15 of them for Dr. Bernstein to answer.

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