Boston Behind-the-Scenes Pictures

Marcus travels to Boston to unravel the stories of The Great Brinks Robbery, Whitey Bulger and the Boston Strangler. Take a look.

They say Boston is full of sinners and in this Hidden City episode Marcus travels to Beantown to investigate the stories of the Great Brinks Robbery, mob boss Whitey Bulger and the Boston Strangler.

Marcus goes on a Boston bar crawl with former cop and robber Ricky Marinick to find out how he learned to steal. When being a cop could not supply the thrill, Ricky became a rough-and-tumble bank robber.

To get a better understanding of what drives thieves, Marcus heads to the local FBI offices to meet with the division head, special agent Andy Jarvis.

He then breaches security at American Alarms' command center with Wells Sampson to experience the latest technologies that modern robbers are up against, such as biometric fingerprint readers and live police feeds.

Marcus meets with Boston Globe reporter Kevin Cullen at Castle Island, where Whitey met his henchmen, to learn more about the mob boss's effect on the city.

Marcus stops by WKRO radio show hosted by Howie Carr. They chat about how Whitey threatened Carr's life.

Marcus is made over by a make-up artist to experience what it is like for a criminal like Whitey Bulger to live in plain sight.

He heads to Quincy Market to see if 3 college students searching for him in Faneuil Hall can pick him out despite the disguise.

WBUR radio host David Boeri chats with Marcus about Whitey and the upcoming trial. He will be tried for 29 counts of murder. They discuss his mind games, penchant for killing and owning a piece of everything that came through Boston.

Marcus talks with forensic psychologist Dr. David Bernstein to try to get inside the head of the Boston Strangler.

While Albert DeSalvo confessed to the Boston Strangler murders, many doubt he is the true killer. The question of his true guilt still lingers today.

Marcus's investigations in Boston provide him with enough stories to fill several books.

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