Washington, DC, Behind-the-Scenes Pictures

Marcus goes behind the facade of our nation’s capital to investigate the Beltway sniper attacks, spy Robert Hanssen and former mayor Marion Barry.

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Marcus heads to Washington, DC, to explore 3 modern-day stories of snipers, spies and smokers (of crack cocaine, that is).

Marcus chats with Paul LaRuffa, one of the first victims of the Beltway snipers. Paul shares what it was like to be shot 5 times.

Marcus meets with DC-area residents to discuss their experiences during the time when the Beltway snipers held the area hostage.

The DC-area residents tell Marcus that the randomness of the attacks made that time much more terrifying. Parents stopped allowing their children to play outside and people pumped gas behind tarps.

Marcus visits a junkyard to try his hand at creating a killing machine like the vehicle used by the snipers.

The Beltway snipers took out a seat in their car so they could lie down and shoot out of a small hole in the back of the trunk. Marcus tries to recreate the feeling of getting ready to shoot someone from such a vantage point.

Marcus probes into the story of FBI-agent-turned-spy, Robert Hanssen. Hanssen sold US secrets to the Russians for years.

Marcus heads to the International Spy Museum to meet with counter intelligence expert and colleague of Hanssen, David Major.

Former FBI agent Eric O'Neill became Hanssen's assistant so he could help gather evidence against him. Marcus questions O'Neill about his assignment and O'Neill puts Marcus to the test in catching "a rabbit" -- someone who it the object of surveillance.

The last story leads Marcus to one of Washington, DC's most infamous politicians, Marion Barry.

Washington Post reporter Tim Craig covers local politics and knows the ups and downs of Marion Barry's career quite well. He gives Marcus an insider's look at the politician.

Marcus talks with former Barry campaign worker Sandra Seegars about Barry's troubles after the FBI bust for smoking crack cocaine and his comeback after prison.

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