'The Holzer Files' Reopens Hans Holzer's Iconic Paranormal Investigations

In Travel Channel’s all-new series The Holzer Files, paranormal investigator Dave Schrader, psychic medium Cindy Kaza, equipment expert Shane Pittman and researcher Gabe Roth, investigate terrifyingly true hauntings from the recently discovered case files of America's first ghost hunter.

Get a sneak peek at five of the investigations, with new episodes airing every Thursday at 10|9c.

Photo By: Rick Gershon

Photo By: Rick Gershon

Photo By: Rick Gershon

Photo By: Rick Gershon

"Father of the Paranormal"

Paranormal history buffs know all about the legendary work of Dr. Hans Holzer. For you newbies, gather ‘round for an education from the “father of the paranormal” himself.

Holzer's Files

Holzer’s files comprise four decades of paranormal investigations, which include documents, photographs and audio recordings from as early as the 1950s. With help from Holzer’s daughter, Alexandra, the team works to shed new light on some of Holzer’s most iconic investigations.

Reopening the Peck Case

Holzer was fascinated by the Peck House in Rye, New York, and visited three times during his career. During each visit, a new family had moved in and they all claim to have experienced some sort of activity. Pictured here: The Knapp House, which the team also investigated while working on the Peck case.

Mystery of Lottie Peck

The paranormal occurrences ranged from doors locking on their own to the appearance of an apparition of a little girl believed to be Lottie Peck, a young girl who died in the attic during a fire.

Lottie Peck Painting

A painting of Lottie was put on display in the home, after which activity in the home ceased.

No More Activity?

The latest family has lived there for 21 years and hasn’t experienced anything paranormal. Is it possible that such a significant haunting would simply grind to a halt?

Investigating the Whaley House

Holzer believed San Diego’s Whaley House to be the most haunted home in America. He was one of the first to investigate the property, which was built in 1857 by Thomas Whaley.

History of Sorrow

Thomas’ daughter, Violet, committed suicide in the home by shooting herself in the chest. Some say her sorrowful presence can still be felt in the house, particularly on the second floor.

The Haunting of Yankee Jim

Another spirit, Yankee Jim, is believed to roam the halls of the Whaley home. Yankee Jim was an infamous criminal who was publicly hanged in the 1850s. Thomas would come to build his home on top of the spot where Yankee Jim and others took their final breaths — which could’ve been what spurred the activity in the first place, but who’s to say?

Dark Presence in the Whaley House

Now a museum, guests and employees have reported continued activity, 50 years after Holzer’s original investigation in 1965.

Secrets of the Morris-Jumel Mansion

The oldest home in Manhattan, the Morris-Jumel Mansion, has its fair share of spirits.

Séance With the Spirits

Holzer performed a séance here in 1964 and originally believed he’d helped the main spirit of the home, Stephen Jumel, move on.

Paranormal Activity

However, Holzer came across another, much darker presence during his seance. The presence was believed to be Stephen’s wife, Eliza. She refused to leave the home, and the staff claims the home has grown even more negative since Holzer’s original investigation.

Unrest at the Mansion

The lady of the house isn’t at rest. Can the team help her to move on?

Exploring the Ayers-Allen Home

Holzer was the only paranormal investigator to conduct experiments in the Ayers-Allen Home. He was haunted by this case until the day he died.

The Kings

The property was passed on through the family of the original owners until it was purchased by a schoolteacher named Louise King and her husband, Samuel, in 1947.

Full-Bodied Apparitions

Louise began to experience intense paranormal activity, from hearing mysterious knocking to seeing full-bodied apparitions standing above her bedside.

Activity Abounds

After conducting an investigation, Holzer would clear a home of any spirits to provide closure for the family living there. However, in this case, the Kings refused. The family living there today has been experiencing activity ever since they moved into the home in 1998.

Meet Ocean-Born Mary

The tale of Ocean-Born Mary is almost as bizarre as the story of her home and its hauntings. She was born aboard a ship that had just been overtaken by pirates. The leaders of the pirates, Don Pedro, promised to spare every person on board if the baby was named after his mother, Mary. His wish was granted, and in return, everyone on the ship was saved. From then on, Don Pedro would bring Mary gifts and treasures from his adventures until the day he died. And here’s where it gets even more bizarre: Mary apparently buried Don Pedro’s body beneath the hearth in her home.

Supernatural Home

It’s said that not only Mary haunts the home, but Don Pedro as well.

Never Closed

Holzer visited the home twice with two different mediums, and he found himself dissatisfied with the investigation. The case was never truly closed.

Meeting With Mary's Family

Now, the team will meet with a living relative of Mary who might be able to help provide some answers to this perplexing case.

All-New Series

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