Hotel Impossible: Alaskan Heavyweights Pictures

Anthony heads to Juneau, AK, to help resurrect the historic, 100-year-old Alaskan Hotel & Bar.

Arriving in Alaska

Anthony Melchiorri arrives in Alaska to help resurrect the historic, 100-year-old Alaskan Hotel & Bar in Juneau. 

Rafter Condition

Anthony looks up to the rafters in the lobby to see what kind of condition they are in after 100 years of supporting the hotel.

Dirty Sheets

Anthony throws up his hands in disgust after looking at the "clean" bed sheets during his room inspection at the Alaskan Hotel.

Anthony Melchiorri and Scott Fry

Anthony stands in the lobby discussing his plans for the hotel with the general manager, Scott Fry.

Anthony Melchiorri and Joshua

Anthony attempts to get Joshua, son of the hotel's owner, to come up with a job description to distinguish himself from the general manager.

Boards in Hand

With her design boards in hand, interior designer Blanche Garcia brings Anthony into one of the rooms she will soon renovate.

Watching Footage

From the basement of the Alaskan Hotel, Anthony monitors the security camera footage to get a better look at how the staff is doing.

Meeting With a Bar Expert

In an attempt to get the hotel's bar back up and running, Anthony meets with local bar expert, Howard Cannon, by the port in Juneau.

Meeting the Staff

Anthony brings Howard to the hotel bar so he can meet the current staff. 

Meeting the Staff

After getting the bar stocked and staffed, Anthony watches the general manager’s band perform at open mic night.

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