Hotel Impossible: Breaking Point Pictures

Anthony heads to Saint John, New Brunswick, in hopes of bringing back the luster of the historic Chipman Hill Suites.
Episode: Breaking Point

Anthony explores the outside of the historic Chipman Hill Suites in Saint John, Canada, the largest city in the province of New Brunswick.

As is clearly evident, the "breakfast area" of this self-proclaimed "bed and breakfast" is in some seriously bad shape.

After installing new hardwood floors, antique furniture and artwork, not to mention doors, the breakfast area at the Chipman Hill Suites is starting to look very promising.

Anthony sits down with the owner and the general manager of the Chipman Hill Suites, Susan and Marilyn, to get a better understanding of how they run their business.

With exposed pipes and wires, stained brick walls and cement floors, Blanche Garcia and her team of contractors are going to have to work around the clock to get this room looking presentable.

The exposed brick in the new lounge area has been touched up and given a vintage vibe, far from the back-alley look it originally had.

For many Canadians, hockey is the ultimate team sport. Anthony attempts to give goaltending a shot while taking a quick break with the hotel's owner, Susan.

No doors and boarded-up windows are making this a tougher job then Blanche and Anthony had anticipated.

No longer deserted, the breakfast station in the new lounge gives hotel guests several options when deciding what to drink.

The lobby at the historic hotel is cozy, but is lacking a certain "wow" factor that Anthony believes it needs to draw in the hotel guests.

After adding new light fixtures, artwork, a brand-new desk and a new coat of paint, Anthony now feels that the lobby is much more approachable and warm.

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