Hotel Impossible: Bromley Sun Lodge Pictures

Anthony travels to the ski slopes in Peru, VT, to help the Bromley Sun Lodge return to prominence.

A look at the lobby before renovation begins on the Bromley Sun Lodge, a 50-room chalet-style lodge in Vermont that features a world-class amenity: ski-in/ski-out rooms.

Anthony and interior designer Alison Victoria stand in front of the fireplace in the hotel lobby of the Bromley Sun Lodge.

Anthony talks briefly with Sonya, the front desk clerk, while taking his initial walkthrough of the hotel.

Anthony sits at the writing desk during his initial inspection of a guest room.

A look at the workstation in the lobby before renovation begins.

Anthony sits on a couch during his initial inspection of the lobby.

Hotel owners Joyce and Jim sit down with Anthony to discuss the strategy for the Bromley Sun Lodge going forward.

Skiers fly down Bromley Mountain on their way to the Bromley Sun Lodge's outdoor BBQ.

Anthony and Jim speak to the skiers as they arrive for the BBQ.

Anthony speaks with skiers at the Bromley Sun Lodge outdoor BBQ

Anthony gives Joyce and Jim a brand new luggage truck as a parting gift.

Anthony and Alison introduce Jim and Joyce to their newly renovated front desk.

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