Hotel Impossible: Caribe Playa Pictures

Anthony tries to reinvent the Caribe Playa Beach Resort in Puerto Rico. Can he turn this struggling hotel, with trash-littered beaches, a chaotic front desk and an unfit GM, into a world-class resort?

Caribe Playa Beach Resort in Puerto Rico

Welcome to the Caribe Playa Beach Resort in Puerto Rico!

Anthony Inspects a Trash Can

Anthony inspects a trash can in the back of the Caribe Playa Beach Resort in Puerto Rico.

Anthony and the Caribe Playa Owners

Anthony and Caribe Playa owners George and his wife Frances talk by the pool.

Anthony Pulls Back the Bed Sheets

Anthony pulls back the bed sheets in one of the rooms to check for cleanliness.

Coming Up With a Signature Cocktail

Anthony, hotel owner George, new general manager William and bartender Esteban attempt to come up with a signature cocktail for the hotel.

Anthony Speaks to George

Anthony explains to George certain things he must do to keep his resort afloat.

Anthony Inspects the Ceiling

Anthony inspects the ceiling in one of the guest rooms.

Front Desk Before Redesign

A before shot of the front desk before Blanche begins her redesign.

Anthony and Blanche Discuss the new Front Desk

Anthony and Blanche talk about their plans for the new front desk.

Discussing the Business Model

Anthony and co-owner (and former GM) Frances discuss the business model for the hotel.

Guest Room Before Redesign

A before shot of one of the guest rooms before Blanche begins her redesign.

The Patillas Mojito

Anthony, George and William try out the resort’s new signature cocktail, the Patillas Mojito.

Beachfront View, Caribe Playa, Puerto Rico

A beautiful beachfront view from the pool deck of the Caribe Playa.

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