Hotel Impossible: Casa Verde Pictures

Anthony heads to beautiful Puerto Rico where the owner of the Casa Verde is overwhelmed by the hotel's surfer bar called Rock Bottom. Can Anthony help him take control before he financially wipes out?

After finally arriving at the office to check in, Anthony talks to office administrator Lilian about how confusing the process of simply getting to the front desk actually was.

Anthony has a meeting with hotel owner Billy Bonbright to discuss all the issues he experienced in the short time he's been on the property.

Anthony and hotel owner Billy have a serious chat about where Billy's head is at.

Anthony and Billy head out on a speed boat to meet Tiffany, Billy's wife.

A look at Rock Bottom Bar before renovation begins.

Anthony speaks with bartenders Sashary and Pedro to see if there are hotel guests who come to the bar trying to figure out where to check in.

Surf instructor Collin explains what the proper board positioning is for paddling out onto the waves.

Anthony and DIY interior designer Alison Victoria meet at Rock Bottom Bar to discuss their renovation plan.

Anthony wipes the floor under the bed to see how dirty it is.

Anthony and Billy visit Rock Bottom to discuss how much the bar is hurting the hotel.

Anthony holds a meeting with the Casa Verde hotel, Escape restaurant and Rock Bottom Bar staff members.

A look at one of the guest rooms before renovation begins.

Anthony talks to Billy and Tiffany about what he has planned for Rock Bottom Bar.

Travis gives Anthony a high five and congratulates him on a job well done after completing his first surfing lesson.

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