Hotel Impossible: Corpus Christi Bayfront Pictures

Anthony travels to the Corpus Christi Bayfront in Texas. The hotel is understaffed, filthy and smells terrible. If Anthony can't turn things around before spring break, the business may never recover.

The Hotel Corpus Christi Bayfront in Corpus Christi, TX.

Anthony meets Dee Dee Perez, the person charged with running the hotel -- only without the title of general manager.

Anthony goes over safety tips with Blanche before she climbs onto the scaffolding.

Anthony is baffled by the amount of sticky notes on the windows of the coffee shop, located below the hotel.

Blanche paints the hotel's address onto the wall.

The original hotel awning is removed and lowered to the ground.

Blanche makes cosmetic changes to the front of the hotel.

Anthony prepares hotel owner Greg Markwardt for the reveals.

Greg, Dee Dee and Anthony step outside for the reveals.

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