Hotel Impossible: Don't Bug Me Pictures

Anthony head to Kissimmee, FL, in an attempt to help the struggling Sevilla Inn that has fallen victim to one of the most brutal bed bug infestations Anthony has ever seen.
Episode: Don't Bug Me

Anthony arrives at the 51-room Sevilla Inn in Kissimmee, FL.

Anthony arrives to find the front desk a complete mess.

Mismatched furniture surrounds the green, algae-infested pool.

Before the renovations, the guest rooms at the Sevilla Inn had extremely old decor and furniture.

Anthony inspects the bedding in his guest room.

Anthony shows the camera a bed bug he found on the mattress.

The TV in the guest room is completely outdated.

Anthony shows Casey Noble all of the left-behind phone chargers the hotel is currently selling.

Anthony speaks with K-9 trainer Bill Whitsinte and his dog Ozzy about the bed bugs he found in the guest rooms.

Anthony tells the owners of the hotel, Peggy Choudhry and Rene Sandoval, that Bates Exterminating is going to eliminate their bed bug infestation.

Anthony and Curtis Smith of DirecTV show the owners their new, free flat-screen TVs.

Anthony celebrates the hotel's final renovations with Athena and Peggy Choudhry, as well as Shawn, Rene and Margot Sandoval.

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