Hotel Impossible: Dream Inn Pictures

Anthony heads to the Dream Inn in Daytona Beach, FL, where he renovates the beachside hotel's dilapidated rooms and hideous exterior, while simultaneously amending the family owners' management style.

A view from the beach of the Dream Inn in Daytona, FL.

A headboard falls off the wall as Anthony talks to the general manager of Dream Inn in Daytona, FL, about the cleanliness of a room.

Anthony takes a walk on the beach with the hotel’s owner, Cindy.

Anthony confronts the owners about the condition of a statue right outside the lobby.

A view of the lobby before renovation begins.

Anthony tells his go-to interior designer Blanche that the pool area desperately needs her help.

A view of the pool before renovation begins.

Anthony finds that there are dolphin statues everywhere at the Dream Inn -- and they are not well maintained. Unacceptable!

Blanche receives a large order of new sheets and amenities from American Hotel Register, a leading supplier of hotel products nationwide, for all of the hotel’s rooms.

A view of one of the rooms before renovation begins.

Anthony talks to Steve, the hotel's groundskeeper.

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