Hotel Impossible: Dude Rancher Lodge Pictures

Anthony must jump-start the entire staff at the Dude Rancher Lodge in order to increase the hotel's local presence so it can have a chance of survival.

Anthony travels to the historic Dude Rancher Lodge in Billings, MT.

Anthony and the Dude Rancher staff go horseback riding around the hotel's property.

Anthony shows Virginia Karlson, owner of the Dude Rancher Lodge, her hotel's 1 star rating.

Anthony "rebrands" The Dude Rancher.

Re-enactors provide guests of the Dude Rancher with a unique experience.

Anthony and Blanche go over the renovation plans.

Anthony rides around the ranch.

Anthony gets interviewed by a local news reporter.

A look at the front desk before renovation begins.

Anthony and Blanche meet with Leslie Gilmore, the original architect of the Dude Rancher.

Anthony takes a ride around the property on the Dude Rancher's 4-wheeler.

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