Hotel Impossible: Fiddler's Inn Pictures

Anthony goes to Nashville where the music has stopped for the once iconic Fiddler's Inn. For this historic hotel to survive, it must redecorate, rebrand and reconnect with its country music roots.

The Fiddler's Inn is a 202-room, independently owned hotel located right across the street from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. The Grand Ole Opry is a country music stage that has presented some of the biggest acts in the genre since 1925.

Anthony takes the Fiddler's Inn owner, Johnny Walker to the WSM Radio station in Nashville to help promote the struggling hotel.

Anthony and Johnny Walker meet Craig Morgan, a country music star who dropped by to judge the cuisine in the local food truck competition.

Blanche steps in to help with the drilling for the new light fixtures.

Anthony talks to the director before sampling the food truck cuisine.

Anthony, Johnny Walker and Craig Morgan sample the gourmet food truck cuisine.

Craig Morgan performs at the Fiddler's Inn.

Anthony shares his thoughts about the hotel's exterior.

Anthony, Craig Morgan and Johnny Walker try Nashville's best gourmet truck food at the Fiddler's Inn Food Truck Fest.

Anthony warns Blanche that what she is about to see is not your typical hotel lobby.

Anthony finds that the lobby has no personality, no place for guests to congregate and absolutely no connection to the oversized neon fiddles outside.

Anthony walks into the hotel's lobby and is shocked to find that it is filled with cheap Nashville souvenirs. He points out that this should be a hotel with a gift shop, not the other way around.

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