Hotel Impossible: Fire Drill Flame Out Pictures

Anthony is in Douglas, AZ, at the 106-year-old Gadsden Hotel, where the guest rooms lack serious imagination. Can Anthony turn the hotel around before the owners get burned by their outdated ways?

Gadsden Hotel

Anthony arrives in style to the 106-year-old Gadsden Hotel in Douglas, AZ.

Lobby Before Renovation

A quick look at the lobby before Anthony and his team begin their renovation.

Checking In

Anthony checks into his room with the ladies at the front desk.

Grand Staircase

Anthony stands on the grand staircase of the hotel, taking in the once luxurious lobby area.

Guest Room Before Renovation

Anthony takes one last look at the guest room before his team begins their renovations.

Front Desk Tour

Anthony takes a quick tour of the front desk and finds items that should definitely not be there.

Gadsden Hotel GM Robin Brekhus

Anthony chats with Gadsden Hotel GM Robin Brekhus during the owners’ meeting.

Peak Hospitality Owner Theo Barela

Anthony speaks to a hotel patron about his stay at the hotel the previous evening.

Talking to Patrons

Anthony talks with some of the restaurant patrons about their experience at Hotel Gadsden.

Renovation Check-In

Anthony does a renovation check-in with first-time Hotel Impossible interior designer, Carrie Drosnes.

Anthony's Vision

Anthony discusses his vision with GM Robin Brekhus and Conservator Robert Fleming before the front desk reveal.

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