Hotel Impossible: Glacier Bear Lodge Pictures

Anthony Melchiorri heads north to Glacier Bear Lodge in Yakutat, AK, to fix a dilapidated hotel dominated by commercial and sport fishermen.

The Glacier Bear Lodge is a great place to lodge and dine all year round. With big TVs, a full bar and excellent Alaskan cuisine, Glacier Bear is sure to be a fun and delicious stop on your journey through Alaska.

Anthony is not happy with what he sees on the walls of Glacier Bear Lodge as he walks into the property.

Anthony talks to Glacier Bear Lodge's fish gutter about the dangers of leaving fish guts in an open container.

Anthony comments on the decor at the Glacier Bear lodge.

Anthony introduces the owners to travel agent Tara Lano of Liberty Travel.

Anthony and Craig Morgan wait on the crew to join them on the boat before setting sail down the creek.

Anthony stops by Fat Grandma's, a local coffee shop in Yakutat, AK.

Anthony meets up with his friend, Craig Morgan, before they head out on a fishing excursion.

Anthony is greeted by the resident dogs at the Glacier Bear Lodge.

The owners of the Glacier Bear Lodge pose for the camera.

A look at one of the rooms before renovation begins.

Anthony has a few drinks with the owners of the property.

Anthony meets with Yakutat locals to learn more about the town.

Anthony prepares to show the owner of the Glacier Bear Lodge the property’s new mud room.

Craig Morgan explains to Anthony how to put on waders. The waterproof gear is used while fishing in order to keep your clothing dry.

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