Hotel Impossible: Greece Lightning Pictures

Anthony heads to Mount Olympus in Greece to help the struggling and mold-infested Litohoro Olympus Resort Villas and Spa.

The Litohoro Olympus Resort Villas and Spa sits at the foot of Mount Olympus in Greece.

Anthony takes notice of the excessive amount of lamps in the lobby of the Litohoro Olympus Resort.

Anthony completes his initial inspection of the spa.

The pool area before renovation begins.

Anthony explores the town of Litochoro, Greece.

Anthony talks to a local business owner in Litochoro.

Anthony thinks of ways to help the Litohoro Olympus Resort raise the bar.

Anthony assesses Blanche's progress on her renovation of one of the resort's villas.

An inside look at one of the villas before renovation begins.

Anthony shares his ideas on how to upgrade the hotel with the owner, Platon, and his staff.

Anthony poses for a photo on Mount Olympus.

Anthony shows the owners of the Litohoro Olympus Resort how important it is to provide activities for guests.

Anthony swims to shore after rappelling down a waterfall on Mt. Olympus.

Anthony talks to the owners of the resort before showing them their newly renovated villa.

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