Hotel Impossible: Gurney's Inn Pictures

Get an exclusive look at the first episode of Anthony Melchiorri's new show, Hotel Impossible, premiering Monday, April 9 @ 10|9c.

Hotel Impossible host, Anthony Melchiorri, presents a red appointment book to the concierge at Gurney's Inn & Spa in Montauk, NY.

A view of Gurney's Inn & Spa’s beautiful beach.

Demonstrating to Anthony that he has heeded his advice, restaurant manager John Lomitola conducts a lineup inspection of his staff.

The Monte family, current managers of Gurney's Inn, listen attentively to Anthony's advice.

In a private nook overlooking the sea salt pool, guests can cool off and relax while snacking on fresh fruit slices.

Restaurant manager John Lomitola has a few choice words for one staff member during the lineup inspection as Anthony looks on.

After the hotel lobby reveal, Angelo and Paul Monte quietly express their amazement as Candice and concierge Maureen Keller exchange an awestruck glance.

The view alone from the seaside cottages at Gurney's Inn merits the $500 per night sticker price.

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