Hotel Impossible: In the Doghouse Pictures

Anthony heads to Baileys Harbor, WI, otherwise known as the "Cape Cod of the Midwest," to help revitalize the Beachfront Inn.

Anthony arrives at the Beachfront Inn, a 20-room, pet-friendly hotel on the shores of Lake Michigan in Baileys Harbor, WI.

Anthony walks through the parking lot with the owners of the Beachfront Inn, Tammy and Terry Bork.

The owners, Terry and Tammy Bork, have put their entire life savings into the hotel and are struggling to make ends meet, let alone turn a profit.

An exterior shot of the mismatched chairs on the Beachfront Inn’s deck before renovations take place.

Anthony inspects one of the pet-friendly guest rooms.

Anthony discusses his thoughts with interior designer Casey Noble about what they can do to fix up the hotel lobby.

An interior shot of the lobby before renovation with its wall of pamphlets and mismatched furniture.

Anthony jumps over the deck railing at the Beachfront Inn as designer Casey Noble stands back stunned.

Anthony has a private conversation with hotel owner, Terry Bork, with Lake Michigan in the background.

Anthony stands out back with the renovation zone behind him.

Anthony explains dynamic pricing to Tammy and Terry Bork in the temporary lobby of the hotel.

Anthony juggles the breakfast fruit in the newly renovated lobby.

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