Hotel Impossible: Ocean Manor Resort Pictures

Anthony heads to Ocean Manor, the first high-rise resort in Fort Lauderdale. It’s full of potential, but the filthy rooms are ruining the hotel’s chances of ever becoming successful.

An exterior view of the Ocean Manor Resort Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Anthony sits at the tiki bar with Frank Talerico, the owner of the Ocean Manor Resort Hotel.

Much to his disgust, Anthony inspects the outdoor entrance area of the hotel -- the first place guests see upon arrival.

A view of the Ocean Manor pool deck and tennis court.

Anthony gives Frank some ideas on how to bring more customers to the hotel’s beach bar.

Anthony walks through the entrance of the hotel for his early check-in.

Anthony talks to the Ocean Manor staff at their first-ever stand-up morning meeting.

Anthony receives a room key and is ready to inspect the room he's been given.

Anthony talks with several hotel guests about their complaints. The guests are particularly upset about having to clean their own rooms.

Anthony gives some constructive criticism to Frank and Mike, the hotel's new operating manager.

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