Hotel Impossible: Owner Overboard Pictures

Anthony heads to the Florida Keys, the sport fishing capital of the world, in an attempt to save the Creekside Inn from going under.
Episode: Owner Overboard

Creekside Inn in Islamorada, FL

Anthony arrives at the Creekside Inn in Islamorada, FL. After the owner mistreats an undercover guest, Anthony tries to set him on course to fix the horrible customer service his hotel has been providing.

Anthony Melchiorri and German Fucaraccio

Anthony speaks with German Fucaraccio, the owner of the Creekside Inn, about the way his hotel is run. Anthony is completely disgusted when he learns that German has left the hotel to be run by an 18-year-old.

Lobby Before Renovation

The Creekside Inn lobby before renovation begins.

How to Clean Properly

Anthony teaches German how to properly clean and inspect the guest’s rooms.

Patio Before Renovation

The Creekside Inn patio before renovation begins.

Broken Hammock

After a long day of helping the Inn’s owner get organized, Anthony tries to relax on a hammock on the hotel's property. But there’s a problem … the hammock is broken.

Meeting the Front Desk Agent

Anthony meets with the front desk agent about her experience working at the hotel.

The Owner of S. T. Construction

Anthony meets with the owner of ST Sparks Construction, the company he has chosen to help with the hotel's renovations.

Guest Room Before Renovation

A Creekside Inn guest room before renovation begins.

The Owner of Tiki Jet

The hotel owners are in for a wild ride after Anthony introduces them to Justin, the owner of Tiki Jet.

Using a Jet Pack

Anthony gives the jet pack a go after swimming off the coast of Islamorada, FL.

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