Hotel Impossible: Shotgun Start Pictures

With new owners at the Water Gap Country Club in PA, and a surprise wedding with enraged parents of the groom, can Anthony salvage the wedding along with the hotel?

Anthony arrives at the 24-room Water Gap Country Club that boasts a PGA golf course with a notable past, but the owners, Sean and Julie Lyons, are new to the hotel business.

The camera crew gets a picture of the front porch at the Water Gap.

Anthony takes a look at the lobby before renovation begins.

As you can see, the front desk is extremely cluttered and poorly organized.

Anthony looks towards the camera before popping into the hotel’s phone booth.

Old bedding, dirty carpets and a hole in the wall where the AC goes are just a few of the issues Anthony finds on his initial walkthrough.

Anthony is disgusted by the condition of the front desk at the Water Gap Country Club in Pennsylvania, so he decides to rip it down!

Anthony speaks with Tammy Ems and Chelby Nermoe during a staff meeting.

Anthony chats with the hotel’s golf course director, Dustin McCormick.

Anthony and hotel owner Sean Lyons do a quick food tasting with chef Bob Buarotti.

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