Hotel Impossible: Southern Oaks Inn Pictures

Anthony goes to Branson, MO, where owners of the Southern Oaks Inn are in a power struggle for the hotel's leadership. From marketing to décor, Anthony must fix these issues for the hotel to survive.

The Southern Oaks Inn in Branson, MO, a city that attracts nearly 8 million tourists every year.

Anthony receives several sets of keys and is off to begin his room inspections before meeting the hotel owners.

Anthony talks to Steve and Susan Faseler and Bobby and April Neal – the hotel owners—about their issues with competition.

Anthony finds an unusual spot to check his email.

Anthony notices that the housekeepers use a black light when cleaning the rooms.

Kids play bingo by the pool at the Southern Oaks Inn.

Anthony sits down with the hotel owners to discuss what needs to be done to make the Southern Oaks Inn a top hotel again.

Susan accepts Anthony's challenge to renovate a room.

Anthony discusses linens with the housekeeping staff.

Blanche tries to organize a plethora of pamphlets in the hotel lobby.

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