Hotel Impossible: The Hotel Leger Pictures

Anthony travels to the Hotel Leger in California to try to save one of the most historic hotels in the state.

Anthony poses in front of the pool area at the Hotel Leger, right in the heart of where the California Gold Rush took place.

Anthony and hotel owner Ashley Canty listen to paranormal expert Loyd Auerbach's findings about paranormal activity in the hotel.

Anthony enters the legendary Hotel Leger. The hotel is one of the oldest and most historic hotels in California.

The interior of the jail space in the hotel before renovation.

Anthony and the hotel team applaud the town's volunteers who played a hand in getting the hotel back on the right track.

Anthony arrives at the construction site to have a quick chat with interior designer Blanche Garcia.

A shot of the billiards room before renovation begins.

Anthony and paranormal expert Loyd Auerbach explore the jail cell.

Anthony kicks off the marketing meeting with the hotel employees.

Anthony and the hotel team are greeted by the town’s people with a round of applause.

A look at the staircase before renovation begins on the hotel.

Anthony addresses the citizens of Mokelumne Hill, CA, in the middle of a town hall meeting.

Anthony and Ashley discuss the hotel plans going forward while standing on the front porch.

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