Hotel Impossible: Triangle T Ranch Pictures

With the help of HGTV designer Casey Noble, can Anthony restore the Triangle T Ranch in Dragoon, AZ, into a first-class lodging facility?

Anthony inspects one of the guest room mattresses in a casita at the Triangle T Ranch in Dragoon, AZ.

Linda checks out some of the new signs that Anthony has placed all over the property.

Anthony takes the job of pool boy and begins skimming the pool at the Triangle T.

Anthony rants about how much he hates throw pillows.

Anthony, Triangle T owner Linda and sales and marketing expert Cindy address the staff on the back porch of the hotel.

Anthony prepares to enter the office for the first time.

Anthony mounts a horse with help from the Triangle T wrangler, Mike.

Anthony explains his vision for the welcome center to guest HGTV interior designer Casey Noble.

Anthony runs into ranch employee Joanne as she drives through the property.

Anthony and Linda check out the part of the ranch that was used in the filming of the 1957 version of 3:10 to Yuma.

Anthony tests out his mountain bike before hitting the trail.

Anthony, Linda and Cindy kick off the party at the Triangle T Ranch, which is filled with travel agents from all over the country.

Anthony gives Linda the keys to the new welcome center.

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