Hotel Impossible: Winter 2014 Sneak Peek Pictures

Hotel fixer Anthony Melchiorri returns for an all-new season of Hotel Impossible. Get an exclusive first look at the third season, and catch the premiere Monday, Jan. 27 at 10|9c.

Anthony Melchiorri arrives in Alaska to help resurrect the Alaskan Hotel & Bar in Juneau. Years of cosmetic neglect have left the guest rooms and entrance of the hotel in less than desirable condition. Can Anthony fix the problems plaguing the hotel, the bar and the Adams family before the Alaskan Hotel melts away into nothing?

Anthony throws up his hands in disgust after looking at the "clean" bed sheets during his room inspection at the Alaskan Hotel.

Anthony and interior designer, Blanche Garcia, try to figure out what renovations they can make to the bathroom inside a guest room at the Alaskan Hotel.

After arriving in the Florida Keys, Anthony discovers that not everything is as idyllic as it seems in this sun-kissed, palm tree-lined corner of America when he is tasked with keeping the Creekside Inn afloat.

Anthony speaks with German Fucaraccio, the owner of the Creekside Inn, about the way his hotel is run. Anthony is completely disgusted when he learns that German has left the hotel to be run by an 18-year-old.

After a long day of helping the owner of the Creekside Inn get organized, Anthony tries to relax on a hammock on the hotel's property. But there’s a problem … the hammock is completely broken.

Anthony poses on the staircase at the Fortune Hotel. With a leaky ceiling and an owner who speaks no English, can Anthony bring good fortune back to this fractured business?

In front of the Las Vegas skyline, Anthony talks to the camera about his experience working in the hotel industry.

The camera catches a shot of the front desk at the Fortune Hotel before renovation begins.

Anthony climbs up to the roof of the Fortune Hotel to do some investigating.

Anthony explains organizational structure to the owners of the Fortune Hotel using magnetic images of hotel employees on a white board.

Anthony and interior designer, Casey Noble, discuss future plans for the front desk at the Fortune Hotel.

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