‘Into the Unknown’ With Adventurer Cliff Simon Premieres July 27

Fascinated by the supernatural all his life, Cliff Simon is now taking his expertise on a personal mission, deep into the murky world of the paranormal in Travel Channel’s new six-part series.

June 25, 2020

Host Cliff Simon considers the many theories he has heard about about the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights. Some say they come from car headlights, some think they may be flashlights, or airplane lights. None of those theories add up, so Cliff will need to journey deep ino the woods to see what he can discover about the origin of the mysterious lights.

A longtime adventurer, survivalist and military veteran, Cliff Simon is no stranger to danger and battling the extreme. Fascinated by the supernatural all his life, Simon is now taking his expertise on a personal mission, deep into the murky world of the paranormal in Travel Channel’s new six-part series “Into the Unknown,” premiering Monday, July 27 at 11 p.m.|10c. On a hunt for answers to the nightmarish myths and legends that have haunted locals for millennia, Simon uses his skills to hike, swim and even crawl his way into places most wouldn’t dare go.

“I had my first paranormal encounter when I was younger and I’ve been fascinated with otherworldly beings ever since,” said Simon. “There are dark secrets hiding in the furthest reaches of the earth, and that’s where I’m headed to find answers.”

Host Cliff Simon walks across the plains of Hawaii, in search of the fearsome warrior spirits known as the Nightmarchers.

Within the shadowy wilderness lurk chilling tales of swamp monsters, mythical beasts, ancient aliens and mysterious phenomena. In each hour-long episode, Simon journeys into the unknown to confront the truth behind these terrifying legends, meeting with scientists, shamans, historians and witnesses who help shed light on the enigmatic tales. After consulting with local guides to best plan his route, Simon ventures off alone into one extreme landscape after another. Whether he’s spending the night inside the ancient lava tubes of California’s Mount Shasta, trudging his way through the deadliest swamp in America or trekking through dense North Carolina forests, Simon’s journey takes him to haunting places where the wilderness and paranormal intersect.

Host Cliff Simon will have to use all of his skills as a former member of the military, adventurist, and survivalist, to hopefully find and document the terrifying half-man, half-beast known as the Rougarou, who calls the swamps of Louisiana home.

In the series premiere, Simon heads deep into the heart of the Louisiana bayou where, according to legend, lurks a swamp monster known as the Rougarou — a fearsome werewolf-like beast that feeds on human flesh. Simon is determined to track down its lair, and that will mean fighting his way through the largest — and deadliest — swamp in America, the sprawling Atchafalaya Basin. Covering 1.4 million acres of untouched Louisiana wetlands, narrowing down the search is critical. During his journey, Simon meets with a Cajun family who share footage of a strange beast walking on two legs and meets with a First Nations chief who describes her chilling encounter with a powerful shapeshifter. Simon then heads into the bayou at night, alone, with his GPS tracker set for an ancient burial site. Along the way he uncovers a giant abandoned nest littered with bleached bones. Will he have his own encounter with the Rougarou?

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