Sneak Peek Photos from Season Four of 'Kindred Spirits'

Paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, along with psychic medium Chip Coffey, are back with an all-new season of Kindred Spirits! Season four takes the trio across the country to investigate the most spine-tingling hauntings, from an abandoned Iowa schoolhouse to the infamous Harrisville Farmhouse. What’s in store for the team this time around? Get a sneak peek right now, and catch new episodes every Friday at 9|8c.

February 20, 2020
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Welcome to Charleroi

In Charleroi, Pennsylvania, Jennifer Poroda lives in fear with her two young children, A.J. and Jackie. The single mother reports terrifying activity in their two-story home, including mysterious footsteps, disembodied voices and even full-bodied apparitions. The kids can’t even sleep through the night because they’re terrified of whatever’s haunting their property.

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The Porodas

According to Jennifer, the entity isn’t a fan of men; she says her ex-husband had strange, paranormal experiences and her father won’t even step foot on the grounds after seeing an apparition in the backyard. With children at the heart of the case, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry make it their first priority.

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Unknown Entities

They call in Chip Coffey to do a walkthrough of the entire property — inside and outside. Is the family safe from this aggressive entity? Is there more than one?

Meet the Masters

This 200-year-old house in Yarmouth, Massachusetts has been in the Masters family for years. The matriarch, Cathy, says the activity in the home started out innocently enough, but in recent years, it’s become more threatening.

Dark Energy

Cathy’s son Nathan and his daughter, Tiana, also live in the home, and their experiences have been unsettling, to say the least. According to their testimonies, a dark shadow man is now stalking the home, disrupting the formerly peaceful property. “This thing doesn’t mean well,” says Tiana.

Possibility for Peace?

Upon entering the home, Chip immediately picks up on the effects this darkness is having on the family, especially Tiana. Will Amy and Adam be able to help the Masters find a resolution and maybe even some peace?

The Old Jail

The Old Jail in St. Augustine, Florida is notorious for both its history and its hauntings. People have been punched and choked, and employees are refusing to come to work. According to manager Stephen Mitchell, workers have even walked out mid-shift due to the violent activity.

Haunted Cells

First opened in 1891, the Old Jail remained open until 1953 when it closed due to rampant disease and overcrowding. There were at least eight public executions on the property, but there’s no telling how many prisoners died during their time here.

"The Crawler"

A figure known as “The Crawler” has been spotted slithering all over the jail, and in the sheriff’s quarters, visitors have been overwhelmed by the smell of cigars.

Finding Answers

The manager hopes by bringing Adam and Amy in, the place can once again be safe for visitors to wander the halls and learn about the history of Florida’s oldest jail. But can the tortured souls who haunt this prison find rest after all these years?

Farrar Schoolhouse

The Farrar school in Maxwell, Iowa looks almost the same as it did the day its doors closed for the final time in 2002. With messy classrooms and still-filled lockers, there’s an eerie vibe throughout the property, as if school was in session and then everyone suddenly vanished.

Aggressive Shadows

The owners, Jim and Nancy Oliver, purchased the grounds without previous knowledge of any paranormal activity. According to the building’s caretaker Will Conkel, the activity picked up within the last year and a half, becoming increasingly more aggressive.

Dangerous Grounds

Apparitions of young children, shadow figures, and more make this school their playground. Visitors report feeling like they’re being watched with every step — and maybe they are. But are they in danger of being hurt or worse?

Harrisville Farmhouse

Recognize this house? The Harrisville Farmhouse inspired the Conjuring film series, and its infamous haunting is one the paranormal community has been familiar with for decades. Now, it’s Amy and Adam’s turn to dive into the mystery of this home.

Research Time

In the 1970s, Roger and Carolyn Perron lived in the home with their five daughters. The family endured disturbing activity: Hearing noisy footsteps, seeing inexplicable shadows and even a full-body possession of Carolyn. Eventually, they brought in legendary paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to find answers, but the activity did not stop after the Warrens left. The Perrons were finally driven out of the home in 1980.

The Perrons Return

Now, the surviving members of the family have returned to their former home. Are the evil spirits they encountered years ago still present? Is there something darker here to be afraid of?

Inside the Investigation

Don’t miss Amy, Adam and Chip in new episodes every Friday at 9|8c. Get a behind the scenes look at the season with Inside the Investigation, available here.

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