Behind the Scenes of 'Mountain Monsters'

Can’t get enough of Mountain Monsters? Check out these behind-the-scenes pictures of the AIMS team as they investigate the mysterious creatures roaming the Appalachian Mountains.

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Don't Mess With Huck

Huckleberry is prepared for the creature lurking in the cornfields of Jackson County, WV.

Trap Building

Wild Bill and Willy gather wood so they can start building their largest trap yet.

Guarding the Cornfield

Wild Bill stands guard next to the cornfield.

Muscle Man

Wild Bill shows he is strong enough for any job.

Huck on Watch

Huckleberry is not going to let any creature get away on his watch.

The AIMS Team

The AIMS team has fun before learning what is in the cornfield.

Jeff on Watch

Jeff is on the lookout for the monster.

Wild Bill and Willy Prepare

Wild Bill and Willy cut some wood for base camp in case it turns into a long night.

Wild Bill and Willy Prepare

Wild Bill continues to stockpile the wood.


The stockpiled wood makes a great stakeout spot as well.


Willy thinks long and hard about what his next move should be.


Jeff has his revolver ready in case he encounters any sudden danger.

Big Blue Tractor

Wild Bill stands guard near the abandoned Blue House.

Searching for the Waya Woman

Willy begins to investigate around the creek to see if he can track the Waya Woman.

Jeff Waits for the Team to Arrive

As Jeff waits for the team by the cornfield, he makes sure to keep an eye out for the Waya Woman.

Willy and Wild Bill Spy

Willy and Wild Bill hover behind a tree to spy on the mysterious creature in the cornfield.

Always on Alert

Wild Bill makes sure that he is always aware of his surroundings in case he encounters the bear creature known as the Silver Giant.

Target Practice

If the Silver Giant comes Huck’s way, he’ll be ready.

Limbering Up

Willy limbers up before climbing a tree to get a better view of the area.

Willy Reacts

After hearing a crackling noise behind him, Willy gets ready to investigate.

Hunting Buddies

Willy and Wild Bill are ready to get to work on their trap.

Building Plans

Willy works on building plans for a trap that could potentially catch the Cherokee Death Cat.

Wild Bill in Action

Wild Bill and Willy continue to build the trap.

Building the Trap

Wild Bill helps with some heavy lifting as he carries away dirt from the trap.

Taking the Investigation to New Heights

Wild Bill and WIlly head up the cliff to continue their quest to catch a ferocious feline.

A Close Call

During an anxious moment, Wild Bill loses his footing while he rappels down a cliff.


This is the last time Huckleberry is seen before his disappearance in the cornfield.

The Cherokee Death Cat Trap

Willy climbs up the Cherokee Death Cat trap.

Expert Trap Builders

Willy and Wild Bill celebrate after building a successful trap.

Night Watch

Jeff prepares his thermal camera for a nighttime stakeout.