Monumental Mysteries: Golden Gate Pictures

Don Wildman investigates the tragic origin of the Golden Gate Bridge and tells the story of New York City’s greatest hoarders.
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The Rocky River Reservation located in Cleveland, OH, is home to a small dog park with one special feature. Standing proudly within its boundaries is a life-size bronze sculpture of a Yorkshire terrier sitting in an overturned helmet, perched atop a 2-ton blue granite base.

Smoky the Yorkie was found in a jungle in New Guinea by an American GI in 1944. From that day on, Corporal Bill Wynne and Smoky were inseparable, and he carried her in his backpack everywhere he went. But their bond is put to the test when the tiny dog must save the lives of hundreds of soldiers.

Spanning the entrance to San Francisco Bay, the vibrant orange Golden Gate Bridge is one of this country’s most iconic monuments, but few visitors realize that its origins were shrouded in tragedy.

In the midst of a vast mountain wilderness in Yosemite, CA, sits a colossal granite rock formation that rises over 4,700 feet above the valley floor. Known as the Half Dome, it’s North America's sheerest cliff, with a dizzying 93% grade.

In 1875, Scotsman George Anderson becomes the first man to accomplish the impossible – he climbs to the top of the Yosemite Half Dome. But how does he do it?

Capitol State Forest in Oakville, WA, is a 91,000-acre expanse of rustic, rambling beauty. But in August 1994, after what they thought was a rainstorm, many Oakville residents wake up to a coating of strange goo all over their properties. When a number of residents fall ill, an investigation begins.

Designated a National Historic Landmark district in 1961, the town of Tombstone in southern Arizona is one of the best-preserved specimens of rugged frontier towns from the 1870s. Tombstone was also home to a lesser-known renegade of the Old West: Johnny Ringo, but his demise remains a mystery.

Collyer Brothers Park, located in Harlem, NY, is a monument to 2 of New York City’s most … eccentric … former residents.

In 1947, 2 wealthy brothers, Langley and Herman Collyer are found dead in their decaying brownstone (now the site of the park in their name). But what lead to their demise? And why are they now known as New York’s greatest hoarders?

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