Monumental Mysteries: US Spy Ring Pictures

Don investigates the former home of American's first spy ring, and explores a battleship linked to tales of conspiracy.
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Madison Street Bridge

In the Windy City, the Madison Street Bridge covers the entire width of the Chicago River. But beneath this unassuming river crossing, a baffling aquatic artifact was uncovered that forced the public to question whether the discovery was genuine or the product of an elaborate hoax.

Bare-knuckled Prize Fight

Just outside of Hattiesburg, MS, sits this curious and diminutive structure. It was on these isolated plots of land that a war of sorts was fought, with only fists as weapons. This monument pays tribute to the bare-knuckled prize fight of 1889, the last of its kind.

America's First Spy Ring

This bronzed eagle represents the veterans of foreign wars and is situated in the Litchfield, CT, Town Green Square. It is a monument that stands to honor the lives of General George Washington and his secret spy operation, known as the Culper Ring, which successfully uncovered a plot by the British to counterfeit colonial money.

Aurora, TX

In the tiny cattle-farming town of Aurora, TX, is a 10-acre cemetery with close to 800 graves. But near the entrance of this old burial ground is a peculiar marker. It marks the final resting place of an otherworldly visitor who lies within the Aurora Cemetery.

Aurora, Texas

Despite its size, the Aurora Cemetery is a national landmark, and it boasts an occupant who has caused a colossal stir within this diminutive Texas city.

Litchfield, CT

Founded in 1719, Litchfield, CT, pre-dates the birth of the United States and stands as a testament to a colonial village seeped in history. The Culper Spy Ring remains the first and arguably the most successful spy operation in America’s rich past. This sign outside of the house of Benjamin Tallmadge pays homage to the remarkable story of the organization's groundbreaking methods of espionage that are still utilized to this day.

America's First Spy Ring

This 3-story home in Connecticut has 2 columned porches and a gambrel roof, but it was more than just a home for an American colonist; it was once the former household of a Revolutionary that pioneered espionage as we know it.

Roosevelt's Moroccan Mission

The USS Olympia, the oldest surviving steel warship in the United States, was once commanded by Theodore Roosevelt. But it was her role in a little-known, intimate affair of intrigue on a foreign shore that perhaps reveals the most about the character of her long-time Commander.

New York City Police

Reminiscent of a cathedral or a Parisian palace, this landmark was once the headquarters of the New York City Police Department. Some of the best crime stories to come out of this city started within the walls of this building, but none as incredible as the story of one of the city’s most inscrutable con artists.

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