Don Wildman's Top 3 Creepiest Places

It’s no surprise that Don Wildman has seen some of the creepiest and oddest places around the globe. But which one of those eerie places left the host with the biggest chill?

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As host of the Mysteries at the Museum franchise, it’s no surprise that Don Wildman has seen some of the creepiest and oddest places around the globe. But which one of those eerie places left the host with the biggest chill? We asked him that very question, and his answers may surprise you.

1. Terezín Concentration Camp

If I’m honest, the worst fright I’ve ever had was sneaking into The Exorcist as a kid and hearing those Tubular Bells for the first time. But human horrors are far worse than the supernatural can muster. So my creepiest place had Nazis — what a surprise. North of Prague, there is a collapsing tunnel system where Jewish slaves died in droves manufacturing tank parts. It’s probably caved in by now, but I’ll bet those tortured souls haunt the darkness, still wondering why.

2. Chislehurst Caves

West of London is a mine system that harbors 15th-century symbols of witchcraft drawn in chalk. I talked to my guide that day, Ralph, a practitioner of the paranormal, and pinned him down on the subject of ghosts.

“Ralph,” I said. “Is it true? Tell me right here and now — are there such things as ghosts?”

He replied that he’d recently seen a chair move across a room and a teddy bear walk on its own. Ah, it’s not just in the movies.

3. Poenari Castle

Vlad the Impaler, who was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, lived in numerous castles in present-day Romania. Most are heavily restored, if not in ruins. But the Poenari Castle in Transylvania is the one that most captures the feeling of the time … and the sadistic spirit of its owner.

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