Monumental Mysteries Special

Don Wildman investigates a statue that has earned a grisly reputation, a tribute to a revered leader that some say is a symbol of evil and famous carvings that are rumored to hide a secret vault.
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In a quiet, Washington, DC, courtyard is a mysterious bronze sculpture that depicts a mournful woman draped with a cloak. This figure is rumored to have caused pregnant women to miscarry and is even reported to have caused the death of a college student.

An actress stands in front of the Hollywood sign in Hollywood, CA. The sign looms high over the city of Los Angeles and is an iconic symbol of glitz and glamour. But there are some who claim that these 9 letters are haunted. So, what tragic event spawned these rumors?

Standing in the middle of the National Mall in the nation’s capital is the Washington Monument – a 555-foot marble tower celebrating the country’s first president. But many people say it’s the creation of a secret society determined to take over the world. So, is this striking memorial really a symbol of evil?

The Agnus Pedestal in Druid Ridge Cemetery where the Black Aggie statue once stood.

On a hill outside of the small town of Elberton, GA, is one of the nation’s most peculiar monuments - a collection of 6 stones, engraved with cryptic messages, in a dozen languages. What do they say? And what is their purpose?

The Georgia Guidestones display at the Elberton, GA, Granite Museum.

The Black Hills of South Dakota are home to Mount Rushmore – a modern marvel featuring giant sculptures of 4 of the nation’s most revered leaders. But some claim that there is a secret vault carved into the rocks behind these colossal portraits.

Learn more about the Georgia Guidestones at the Elberton Granite Museum & Exhibit.

A view of Hollywood from behind the "H" of the famous sign.

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