Mysteries: Russian Roswell Pictures

Don Wildman examines a bloodstained vintage trunk, debris from a possible UFO crash and treasure from a 1715 shipwreck.
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Allan Palmer, director at the National Atomic Testing Museum, examines a collection of rocks found after a strange explosion in Russia. The debris has some very unusual properties, confounding scientists since its discovery in 1986.

Spanish dollars, also known as Pieces of Eight, that are housed at the McLarty Treasure Museum in Vero Beach, FL. The museum was built on land that was once used as a camp for the survivors of a 1715 shipwreck, and is home to many objects that have washed ashore from that ill-fated Spanish ship.

On display at the Haggin Museum in Stockton, CA, is a vintage trunk that was at the center of a notorious (and gruesome) scandal.

On display at the Koreshan State Historic Site in Estero, FL, is a strange-looking globe that tells the story of a man named Cyrus Reed Teed. Teed had some rather … unusual … beliefs about the structure of earth, and founded a cult that referred to themselves as the Koreshan Unity.

Visit the McLarty Treasure Museum in Vero Beach, FL, to see some of the loot that has washed ashore from a Spanish shipwreck in 1715.

Get a look at debris that many believe is out of this world …. literally ... at the National Atomic Testing Museum.

In 1906, a woman by the name of Emma LeDoux murdered her fiancé … and attempted to ship his body home in this now-bloodstained trunk, on display at the Haggin Museum in Stockton, CA.

Pieces of Eight coins on display at the McLarty Treasure Museum.

Visit the National Atomic Testing Museum to see evidence from the “Russian Roswell” incident.

Don examines a trunk tied to a gruesome murder at the Haggin Museum in Stockton, CA.

Get an up-close look at rocks that could be evidence of a 1986 UFO crash in Russia.

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