Mysteries: Suicide Table Pictures

Don examines a piece of concrete tied to an infamous disaster, a mounted dog that prowled the lines in World War I, and an antique gaming table said to be imbued with a sinister curse.
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At the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society in Newhall, CA, is a fragment from the St. Francis Dam. When the dam failed in 1928, the floodwater killed almost 600 people.

Mark Hall-Patton examines mangled metal fragments that are housed at the Clark County Museum in Henderson, NV. The metal tells the story of a tragic plane crash that shocked Hollywood and the nation.

At the Philadelphia History Museum in Philadelphia, PA, is a small, mounted dog. Named “Philly,” the heroic animal saved the lives of many American soldiers during World War I before being preserved at the museum.

In Newhall, CA, is a chunk of concrete that was once part of a celebrated engineering marvel that ultimately brought about one of the deadliest man-made disasters in American history.

At the Delta Saloon Café in Virginia City, NV, is a table that many believe is cursed. Three different people have committed suicide at this exact Faro table.

The Philadelphia History Museum is now home to an unlikely hero. In the face of great danger, this small dog once prowled the front lines of World War I.

The Delta Saloon Café is home to a gaming table with a dark past.

Visit the Delta Saloon Café in Virginia City, NV, to see the famed “suicide table.”

At the Clark County Museum in Henderson, NV, is a fragment of a plane that crashed while carrying one of the most famous actresses of the 1930s – Carole Lombard.

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