The Donner Party, Shoe Bomber, FDR's Cane

Don Wildman investigates artifacts from some of the most mysterious and shocking events in human history – the infamous Donner Party, the Salton Sea, the Crippen Case, the Kinross UFO and more.
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The crew shoots at the Air Power Park in Hampton, VA, where Don investigates the disappearance of a US Air Force pilot who set off to track a UFO and was never to be heard from again.

The Shoe Bomber’s explosive shoes on display at the Newseum in Washington, DC.

San Diego Natural History Museum curator Phillip Unitt inspects the dead preserved birds that were found on the shore of California’s Salton Sea. Tests performed on the birds helped uncover the mystery of why the Salton Sea’s animals were dying in mass numbers.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s cane on display at the Historic Auto Attractions Museum in Roscoe, IL. FDR used the cane to cover up the fact that he was suffering from polio because he didn’t want the American people to see him as weak.

The Salton Sea in southern California, where an abnormal number of dead fish and birds were discovered in 2006. Tests later revealed that a steep increase in the salinity of the lake lead to their mass die-off.

Stanley Arnold, a Northern Illinois University professor, discusses FDR’s cane that’s on display at the Historic Auto Attractions Museum.

At the Michigan State University Museum, Dr. David Foran studies the 100-year-old slide of skin that was taken from the body found in Hawley Harvey Crippen's London basement. Crippen was hanged for murdering his wife, but new DNA evidence calls his sentence in to question.

Visitors to the Sharpsteen Museum in Calistoga, CA, will find various artifacts recovered from survivors of the infamous Donner Party, including this cooking pot.

At the Air Power Park in Hampton, VA, visitors can learn about the mysterious disappearance of First Lieutenant Felix Eugene Moncla, Jr., a US Air Force pilot who went missing while investigating a UFO over Lake Superior in 1953.

The crew shoots at the Newseum in Washington, DC, where the Shoe Bomber’s shoes are on display.

The Historic Auto Attractions Museum in Roscoe, IL -- home to a walking cane that FDR used during his battle with polio.

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