15 of the Spookiest, Creepiest Museums Ever

It's time to embrace your inner Don Wildman and visit these monstrously scary museums—if you dare. You'll encounter legendary creatures that stalk the night (or swim the seas), tales of notorious killers, shocking psychiatric treatments, and mummies mouthing silent screams. A word of warning: you may not sleep well after you visit. This is the stuff of nightmares. 

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Photo By: CARL DE SOUZA / Getty Images

Photo By: Allentown Morning Call

Photo By: The Washington Post

Photo By: International Cryptozoology Museum

Photo By: Stephanie Clement/Jacques Sirgent Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures

Photo By: Pedro Gonzalez Castillo/CON

Photo By: Neilson Barnard

Photo By: Edgar Allen Poe Museum

Photo By: St. Joseph Museums/Glore Psychiatric Museum

Photo By: American Museum of Natural History / R Mickens