They Bought a Ghost Town...But Didn't Expect the Ghosts

One family's dream of owning a sprawling Montana guest ranch turns into a nightmare when they discover it comes with more than just horses and hisory.

February 08, 2022

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New Series THE GHOST TOWN TERROR Premieres Friday, March 11 on Travel Channel and discovery+.

This one may frighten even the Duttons. On the outskirts of Anaconda, Montana, sits Gunslinger Gulch – a sprawling ghost town and guest ranch made up of various historic abandoned buildings salvaged from across the state. When the Broussard family answered the beckoning call of a new life in Big Sky Country and opportunity to own this unique 52-acre property, they got more than they bargained for. They soon discovered the ranch offered anything but the serene Montana lifestyle they were seeking. Relentless, menacing supernatural activity has plagued the family since day one, leaving them terrified and desperate for answers. THE GHOST TOWN TERROR, a six-episode series, premieres Friday, March 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and launches the same day on discovery+. Watch the trailer HERE.

After more than a year of paranormal attacks, including unexplained scratches, apparitions, disembodied voices and poltergeist activity, Karen and her family – daughter Chloe, 20, and sons Cameron, 21, and Colby, 15 – are distraught and in dire need of help. Paranormal investigator Tim Wood and paranormal researcher Sapphire Sandalo come to their aid and soon discover the entire town has a disturbingly dark history, and an oppressive energy has taken over. Facing a particularly ominous situation, they call in backup – psychic medium Sarah Lemos, who is immediately affected by negative forces, and Wood’s longtime friend and fellow investigator, Scott Di Lalla.

The team’s extensive investigation uncovers a heinous unsolved murder, mysterious open-ground pits, bone findings, alarming EVPs, startling physical attacks and most frightening, that an evil entity may have attached itself to a family member. They’re led on a windy, eerie hunt beyond Gunslinger Gulch and into the towns of Anaconda and nearby Butte to a historic brothel and abandoned house, rife with their own merciless history. The team discovers these buildings have uncanny ties back to the ranch and the Broussards. As Tim and Sapphire work to get closer to the truth behind the haunting, the activity only grows stronger and more diabolical – making even the hunters feel hunted. The investigation of Gunslinger Gulch has become a battle of wills.

“This is a series that’s going to hook you until the very end,” said Matthew Butler, general manager, Travel Channel & Paranormal Streaming Content. “Told across six episodes, it’s an incredibly complex paranormal investigation and dark mystery that starts out as one thing and becomes something even bigger, all while transporting viewers to a real guest ranch in the heart of beautiful Montana.”


Episode 1 – “Get Help”

Premieres Friday, March 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

Paranormal investigators Tim Wood and Sapphire Sandalo arrive in Montana to help the Broussard family solve the haunting of Gunslinger Gulch. Their mission turns urgent when they must determine if the remote ranch, or the family members themselves, are the source of the disturbing paranormal activity.

Episode 2 – “A Place for the Dead”

Premieres Friday, March 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

Investigators Tim Wood and Sapphire Sandalo make connections between the bloody history of Anaconda, Montana, and Gunslinger Gulch. But it's a trek into the hills in search of a mysterious pit that has medium Sarah Lemos fearing for everyone's immediate safety.

Episode 3 – “Hunted”

Premieres Friday, March 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

Investigator Tim Wood uncovers a bone-chilling link between Gunslinger Gulch and a former brothel in Butte, Montana. Back at the ranch, the team grows more concerned for the Broussards after an experiment reveals a dark force's psychological warfare.

Episode 4 – “Ornias”

Premieres Friday, April 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

Broussard matriarch Karen reluctantly moves her family off the ranch while investigators Tim Wood and Scott Di Lalla confront the dark haunting alone. Meanwhile, grim discoveries are made at an abandoned home Karen claims to be drawn to.

Episode 5 – “Let Us Have Her”

Premieres Friday, April 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

The team builds a psychomanteum – a dimly lit room of mirrors – to force a controlling entity to manifest inside the church. Meanwhile, a psychic sketch artist reveals a dark secret, sending the Broussard family, and the investigation, into fresh turmoil.

Episode 6 – “My Name Is Pain”

Premieres Friday, April 15 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

It's a showdown between good and evil at Gunslinger Gulch when the team invites a priest to the ranch to expel the dark entity.

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THE GHOST TOWN TERROR is produced by Parabolic Content, a 3BMG company, for Travel Channel and discovery+. For Parabolic, the executive producers are Rick Sasson and Seth Sherman. Bill Hochhauser and Jeff Parker also serve as executive producers. For Travel Channel and discovery+, the executive producer is Christine Shuler.

About the Team

Tim Wood has researched the paranormal for over 20 years. He is the creator and lead paranormal investigator of the world’s first web interactive paranormal ghost hunt series, has served as the lead investigator and host for Travel Channel’s "It Feels Evil,” as well as appeared on “Haunted Salem: Live.” Wood’s experiences with a dark haunting at an early age continue to fuel his passion to document the paranormal and to help those who are seeking answers about the afterlife.

Sapphire Sandalo is a paranormal historian and podcaster who inherited her grandfather’s passion for ghost stories and folklore. She created the web series and award-nominated podcast “Something Scary,” as well as the web series and award-winning podcast “Stories With Sapphire.” She can also be seen lending her paranormal expertise on Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Caught on Camera” and “Paranormal Night Shift.” Sandalo is on a mission to bring more empathy and diversity into the paranormal community.

Psychic medium Sarah Lemos has been communicating with the dead since she was just five years old. Lemos’ abilities to communicate with the dead have made her an important asset to many paranormal investigation teams around the world. She has appeared on Travel Channel’s “Portals to Hell,” “The Osbournes Want to Believe” and “Ghosts of Morgan City.” Lemos developed a school of metaphysics where she teaches students how to manage and grow their own gifts.

Scott Di Lalla joined his first paranormal group in 2009. Growing up in a Roman Catholic family, the idea of life after death has always been ingrained in him. Having his own strange encounters as a young boy prompted him to pursue the paranormal. Every bit of evidence he collects sends a wave of validation through his soul suggesting that something goes on after our time here on earth. Di Lalla has appeared alongside Tim Wood on Travel Channel’s “It Feels Evil.”

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