Don Wildman's iPhone Photos Vol 4

Don shares his pictures of bourbon making in Kentucky, exploring the subway project beneath Manhattan, and climbing ’coasters in Ohio.

"Clothes make the man." -- Don Wildman

"I know. Looks real bad (but that’s the point!)." -- Don Wildman

"This guy weighs about 185lbs. which makes helping him a heinous burden. Who cares if he’s plastic … you gotta love him." -- Don Wildman

"Kyle, a cam, at 310’ on the Millennium Force Coaster. And people think I'm the daring one." -- Don Wildman

"Shot gotten!" -- Don Wildman

"Not your grandfather’s amusement park." -- Don Wildman

"Either the tires are big, or I’m tall. Actually, both." -- Don Wildman

"The sheer volume of liquor flowing out of Jim Beam is astonishing. But heck it tastes good and makes you feel great. Good combo." -- Don Wildman

"The wooden barrel still at work in the modern age." -- Don Wildman

"All aboard and off we go. Down.” -- Don Wildman

"One of us is the smart one. Jamal takes precautionary measures the rest of us should follow but usually don’t … to his eternal dismay." -- Don Wildman

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