Don Wildman's iPhone Photos Vol 5

Don climbs more than 500 feet to the new Bay Bridge, drives a NASA rover, makes sugar, and lights things up in Las Vegas. See his pictures.

"Crew, designers, and astronaut standing with history soon to be made." -- Don Wildman

The Mars Rover: a hot rod that will work in very cold conditions." -- Don Wildman

"Clay Anderson, NASA Astronaut. Great guy … and great at math." -- Don Wildman

"525 feet and looking down. Gives a sense of scope you can’t get from the ground floor." -- Don Wildman

"How to build a new bridge beside the still-functioning one it will soon replace. A complicated affair." -- Don Wildman

"Oh, wait … I get it." -- Don Wildman

"With Mr. Bart Ney, Public Information Officer." -- Don Wildman

"Gazing down on Las Vegas Boulevard from one of its many, cacophonous placards." -- Don Wildman

"See that 1 faulty neon tube in the K of New York? No, neither could I -- but it needed replacement." -- Don Wildman

"When you get inside, the sign becomes a world unto itself." -- Don Wildman

"USSC has its own railroad line. That’s how big it is." -- Don Wildman

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