Off Limits: Olympic Ski Jump and More Pictures

Don heads to Utah to help prep a ski jump, visits Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and hits Georges Island in Boston Harbor.

Don heads out to Georges Island, one of 34 islands that lie within the large "C" shape of Boston Harbor.

Don works alongside a construction crew to disassemble the existing Georges Island pier that will soon be renovated in preparation for the tourist season.

At the Utah Olympic Park, Don climbs to the top of the giant Nordic ski slopes to work with the crew that cuts groove tracks into the snow.

Don heads to Santa Maria, CA, to visit Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Don goes inside Mission Control, also known as "The Rock," at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

A colonel from the Vandenberg Air Force Base gives Don an unprecedented look at the country’s West Coast space complex.

Don poses with some of the equipment at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Don gets a rundown of all the procedures leading up to liftoff, including a series of checks and double checks that must be carried out before the countdown can begin. After the launch, Don is given extremely rare access to enter the SLC-6 Launch Complex to explore the launch tower.

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