5 Jaw-Dropping Moments From Paranormal Caught On Camera

These amateur videographers unexpectedly caught some chilling evidence of the supernatural.

Check out these viral clips of hair-raising paranormal activity from our most popular episodes of Paranormal Caught on Camera.

Man Captures Shocking Upside Down Face

A man was startled one morning when he noticed that his bathroom lights were flickering and the water was running from the faucets. When he walked into the bathroom to turn off the water and the lights, he heard a door slam behind him. He briefly walked outside and then returned to find his previously tidy kitchen in disarray after just a few moments alone outside. After checking the home for intruders, he began to rewatch the video he’d made and found something disturbing in one of the bedrooms.

Haunted Piñata Terrorizes Shop Owner

A worker in a party shop was terrorized by a demon after it became attached to a particular piñata in his store. At first, the haunted piñata would be on the floor in the morning when he arrived to open the shop. Eventually, workers began finding it in other places. The shop was outfitted with security cameras to solve the mystery. Late one night, the cameras captured a bizarre clown face with scraggly hair and big dark eyes rising from a pile of piñatas. Another night, a piñata was captured as it spun out of control. Something demonic was inhabiting the store.

Shadow Figure On Camera

Two paranormal investigators exploring an abandoned nursing home caught some compelling evidence of the supernatural. As the pair stood in the laundry room, their equipment picked up electronic voice phenomena that sounded like a young girl answering their questions with “yeah.” As they walked through a stairwell, one of the men spotted something from the corner of his eye on the landing above them. The entity walked away, and the men soon realized it had walked into a wall and disappeared.

Dog Investigates Noises

A family curious about their dog’s activities while he was home alone led to the realization that their home is haunted. A camera attached to the dog caught unmistakable paranormal activity as the dog tried to figure out what was happening around the home. First, the camera picked up the sound of whistling. Later, there was a thud and the sound of footsteps coming from the home’s second floor.

Woman Alone At Work Captures Terrifying Figure Stalking Her

A 911 dispatcher alone in the office faced escalating paranormal encounters of knocking, strange sounds, and glimpses of shadows. She recorded the activity with her phone over the course of several days. One night as she stared down the hallway, she saw a tall, dark figure leaning out of the break room and looking towards her. As she screamed, it ducked into the room. The dispatcher slammed the door shut and called for police to check the building. There was nobody else there.

Find more evidence on Paranormal Caught on Camera, available now on discovery+.

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