10 Can't-Miss, Scream-Inducing Moments on Portals to Hell

What goes bang in the night? Everything apparently on Season 2 of Portals to Hell. Jack Osbourne and Katrina Wiseman venture from grandiose locations — there’s a beautiful-but-deadly mansion in Denver and a maximum-security prison in Ohio — to tiny, one-traffic-light towns. In a Texas attic, Katrina cannot take it any longer, and watching Jack sit alone in a sub-basement will give you goosebumps.

May 05, 2020
By: Jenny Adams

Trigger Warning

The Iron Island Museum in Buffalo, New York, earned its name from its location, as it's surrounded on all sides by train tracks. The museum was formerly a church and a funeral home, and 24 cremated remains were discovered in the basement by the current owners. Visitors talk of seeing a shadow man and dead children. Could the owners themselves be triggers for paranormal activity? We are about to find out, as Jack and Katrina decide to use a person as paranormal bait.

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Are You Afraid of the ... Light?

The most explosive, can't-look-away moment is when Jack and Katrina place a flashlight on the floor of the museum hallway. They make contact with a spirit, asking it to turn the flashlight on. A single, shining light has never been more terrifying.

Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman

Sinister Springs

The entire town of Red Boiling Springs, Tenn., has a disturbing history.

People a century ago believed the sulfur water here to be healing. Sadly, they were mistaken, and many actually died from drinking it. The Thomas House Hotel has always been a hotspot for paranormal occurrences. In fact, Katrina was here a decade prior to investigate, and when she and Jack return, she learns it’s gotten much more aggressive. One of the most chilling moments of the episode is when the current owners report they’ve had guests complain of being scratched.

The Reverend

It's not only the hotel driving this dark energy and acting as a potential portal. Directly across the road, there is a small, wooden church, where the former reverend hung himself. Now, groups interested in the occult have broken in, leaving remnants of their own conjure rituals. Jack and Katrina invite a psychic to come and help. She is blindfolded and told nothing, yet she immediately begins speaking of a place of worship, once holy but turned sinister.

No Sleep for the Weary Traveler

Welcome to the darkest home in Denver. The Croke-Patterson Mansion may be architecturally stunning — from the castle turret to the deep red stone on the exterior, to the fine antiques within. It holds a horrible energy, however. It's now a hotel, and guests have plenty of complaints.

A Dark Night of the Soul

The mansion's most noted death gives way to a shocking moment in Portals to Hell history. When the crew makes contact with Tulleen Sudan — a woman who lived here and committed suicide in the 1950s — she draws Jack and Katrina from the basement up to the bathroom where she drank the poison.

Brutal Confinement

It would be impossible for a place so sinister, so deadly, not to be haunted. We visit the Ohio State Reformatory — a former juvenile detention center that eventually became one of the most wretched maximum-security prisons in American history. It was eventually shut down for crimes against humanity, and the hair on the back of your neck will definitely rise multiple times in this investigation. Is it the most daunting location in all of Season 2? Quite possibly.

Like Caged Animals

This building is 250,000 square feet. Jack and Katrina choose three locations to investigate, each with definitive reports of high paranormal activity. The East Cell Block proves fruitful. It's the largest free-standing cell block ever built, and it rises a daunting six levels. Here, inmates were housed in iron cages, only 8 feet by 5 feet wide. Your mouth will drop open when Jack Osbourne sits on a rusting bunk and asks the ghost of a past prisoner, "Are you in the cell with us right now? Make that light up again."

Texas-sized Conjuring

This home in Texas was once a brothel, then a Satanic cult moved in. From pentagrams scratched into the floor to documented cases of biting and scratching to the recordings of a former resident saying she once saw jars full of fingers (Say what?! Oh, yes.) — there is a lot to unpack in this hellacious house.

Malevolent Forces

Jack Osbourne is easily frightened. It's one of the endearing aspects of Portals to Hell … just how far he's willing to go in the name of his job. Katrina is harder to shake, but the most riveting moment in this entire season has to be at this awful, ramshackle Texas house. It's not the baby dolls strung up on the ceiling or even the creepy room where a physically deformed child was said to be locked away that gets to her. It's the sheer malevolent feelings and an inability to think straight. She flees to the driveway, and remarks that whatever's inside knows she's out here talking about it. Oh jeez. We do not want your job Katrina!