Secret Eats: Boston Pictures

Go behind the scenes with Adam Richman in his quest for Boston's secret eats.
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The Hush Sandwich

Adam poses with chef Winston "Al" Niles and his deli’s Hush sandwich, which is created on the spot and made uniquely for each customer. No 2 people are alike, and no 2 Hush sandwiches are the same, either.

Al's Deli - Original Location

The sign at Al Niles' original location said Wan Convenience Store, but the building hadn’t been anything but Al’s Deli for years. The confusing signage just added to the secrecy of this delicious lunch spot, which has now relocated. 

KO Pies

Hidden in this old industrial shipyard is the Australia-themed restaurant KO Pies.

Aussie Eats

The inner workings of the signature item from KO Pies in Boston.

Bogie's Place

JM Curley is a well-known spot in Boston where you can get amazing burgers from a no-nonsense staff. But the real gem is the 5-star, super-secret steakhouse in the back of the restaurant, Bogie’s Place.

Bad to the Bone

The secret rib-eye dinner served at Bogie’s Place comes with its own special dipping sauce — fresh marrow right off the bone.

Alive and Kicking

Located in the backyard/garage of the owner’s home, Alive and Kicking Lobsters serves up its namesake in a unique setting you’ll find only in Boston.


The signature item cooked to perfection at Alive and Kicking.

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