Secret Eats: Las Vegas Pictures

Check out pictures from Adam Richman's trip to Sin City.
Episode: Made Man Meals
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Park on Fremont chef Cesar Herrera

Adam poses with Park on Fremont chef Cesar Herrera in Las Vegas.

Monkey Business

The bar at Park on Fremont in Las Vegas.

Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Chicken and waffles come together in a deliciously different way at Park on Fremont. Now that’s what we call a breakfast sandwich.

Mac and Cheese-steak

What’s better than having a side of mac and cheese with your cheesesteak? Putting the mac and cheese on top of the cheesesteak.


Adam gets the inside scoop on the menu at Capo's in Las Vegas.

Home Slice

Adam finds a little slice of home hidden in the Cosmopolitan hotel — a New York-style pizza shop simply called the Pizzeria.

The Pizzeria's Bryan Fyler.

Adam poses with the executive sous chef at the Pizzeria, Bryan Fyler.

When in Vegas

Hey, it wouldn’t be a trip to Vegas without playing some cards!

The Jamminator

The Jamminator (at the apptly named Jamms) combines pastrami, sauerkraut and eggs. This off-menu treat even comes on a fried pretzel bun.


It’s always a good idea to talk with a local before ordering a meal. This gentleman clearly is in the know, since he ordered the Jamminator.

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