Secret Eats: San Francisco Pictures

Check out pictures from Adam Richman's trip to the City by the Bay.
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The Doc Is In

Adam poses with Doc at Starbelly in San Francisco. Adam was there to try out the infamous (and secret) burger that bears her name. 

The Doc's Way Burger

The Doc's Way burger at Starbelly is as delicious as it looks. But you won’t find it on the menu; you’ll have to be in the know.

All Along the Waterfront

Adam takes in the view at San Francisco's waterfront.

Fried Gator

The fried gator at Boxing Room isn’t a secret dish, but that’s OK. Adam just had to try some anyway.

Boxing Room

Adam posting up at the bar inside Boxing Room in San Francisco.

French Fry Po’boy

This gooey mess of a sandwich is something you will find only at Boxing Room. An off-menu twist of the NOLA classic, the french fry po’boy is topped with a bacon-infused giblet gravy and smoked cheddar.

A Dog's Life

Adam snuggles up with diners (and dogs!) at the Little Skillet in San Francisco.

The World is Your Dining Room

Some of the best spots have some of the most basic dining rooms, including the Little Skillet, where guests can sidle up to this alleyway loading dock next door.

Loco Moco

Where can you find something this good? Only at Namu Gaji in San Francisco, where the Loco Moco combines homemade kimchi fried rice, bacon, hot dog pieces, sushi rice and fermented cabbage. Then, it’s topped with a short rib/chuck burger, 2 fried eggs and dashi gravy seasoned with tamari and Parmesan cheese.

Namu Gaji chef Dennis Lee

Adam poses with Namu Gaji chef Dennis Lee as they get ready to prepare the Loco Moco.

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